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 Life Coach

Emotional Healing Life Coach

Become inspired! Become motivated! Become challenged in a caring way!

Reach out to ALANI for one-on-one or group life coaching sessions when you are ready to tackle unfulfilled dreams or feeling stuck.

ALANI partners with those who have experienced emotional hurt and want to live a happier, more fulfilling life personally and professionally.

ALANI'S Ideal Client:

1. Pursues freedom to live a fruitful and productive life after emotional hurt.

2. Takes ownership of their emotional healing.

3. Actively moves forward and does not dwell on the past.

4. Redirects energy and focus to accomplish future pursuits.

5. Desires to discover and operate in their God-inspired life's purpose.

ALANI will help you achieve healthy emotional goals, overcome stumbling blocks and obstacles to see new possibilities, and make necessary changes outside of your comfort zone to live a fruitful and productive life! Look here for the journals authored by ALANI to help you while on this life coaching journey.

We can all identify with having the wind knocked out of us and left in the middle of something unfortunate happening to us in getting to the other side of that pain, where we can breathe again.

Contact ALANI, The Freedom Igniter today!