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06/27/2023 Season 2; Episode 6 Personal & Professional Development

05/23/2023 Season 2; Episode 5 Change Behaviors and Life

04/25/2023 Season 2; Episode 4 Giving & Receiving Feedback

03/28/2023 Season 2; Episode 3 Your Inner Critic

02/28/2023 Season 2; Episode 2 Emotionally Immature

01/24/2023 Season 2; Episode 1 Becoming Emotionally Healthy

12/28/2022 Season 1; Episode 6 Positive Outlook

11/22/2022 Season 1; Episode 5 Overcoming Significant Loss

10/25/2022 Season 1; Episode 4 Everything Happens for a Reason

09/27/2022 Season 1; Episode 3 Formidable Experiences

08/30/2022 Season 1; Episode 2 Introductory Podcast

08/16/2022 Season 1; Episode 1 Trailer

ALANI Interview

Why do People Question Accusations of Sexual Assault?

With so many people coming forward with accusations of sexual assault, lots of people are talking. They're questioning:

"Why are so many people coming forward after such long periods of silence?"
"Why would someone stay silent for so long?"
"Could this all be true, or is there an ulterior motive?"

To address these questions and much more, twelve (12) trauma experts from around the US, Canada, and Australia will share their personal stories of abuse, silence, and healing in a new free series called, "While We Were Silent."

This ground-breaking event opens the conversation to the 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men who have been sexually abused to understand themselves and the possibilities for transformation in their lives if they choose to seek healing.


P.S. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Please help us spread a message of hope and healing. Forward this email or share the link: