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Life Coaching Services

A coaching relationship is established to develop and implement strategies to help clients reach identified milestones that will enhance their personal and professional performance while achieving healthy emotional goals. Clients will pursue freedom, take ownership of their emotional healing, actively move forward, focus on future pursuits, and operate in their life’s purpose.

Private one-on-one coaching sessions are 30-minutes. Small group coaching sessions are 45-minutes. Both are held virtually via Zoom. 

Contact for more details regarding Life Coaching Services.

BRIDGE Program

This small group 6-step method is an eye-opening program designed to get participants to pursue freedom to live a fruitful and productive life after an emotional upset. After living through two life altering deep emotional hurts, ALANI has spent years creating what became this BRIDGE program and is excited to share it with those who want to achieve healing in a world full of personal tragedies. BRIDGE stands for:

  • B – Breaking Ground
  • R – Root Defining
  • I – Inner Assessing
  • D – Discovering
  • G – Growing
  • E - Executing

BRIDGE will demonstrate how to navigate from tragedy to triumphancy. It is from this newfound place that a life of abundance and without bondage can be experienced.

Everyone is on their own healing journey – some have never addressed it while others have attempted 100 times. Regardless, it’s important to recognize (naturally speaking) the work of healing is ongoing. This is a brave & courageous step to freedom!

Contact for more details regarding participation in BRIDGE.

Branded Products

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ALANI's Triumphant Story of Survival

A Family Secret REVEALED: More Than a Story is a moving narrative about the sad and tragic life of a young girl. Her life turns unexpectedly triumphant in her adulthood as she understands more about her relationship with God and learns to live as a survivor of family sexual abuse.

Read about her "divine assignment" as she offers suggestions for social change toward those affected whether victimized by incest, a perpetrator, or a spouse of either. After reading this story of compassion, forgiveness, and healing people may find themselves surprisingly compelled to express love and empathy instead of disdain, judgment, and condemnation.

Contact for purchase details.

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