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About Emotional Health

About Living With Emotional Bondage

Many potential problems can occur when you do not deal with emotional pain. The following are the most prevalent:

Unfulfilled Dreams

After years of building yourself up for the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, you're troubled because the person who supported you every step of the way suddenly has different plans. You're hurt and disappointed—your spirit is low, and any desire within to accomplish your dreams is diminished because you are discouraged and inundated with crushed dreams.

Feeling Stuck

Frustrated, you get up to get out of the rut you're in, yet you find that your getting up is in vain because nothing is changing for the better. You have no happiness or burning desire to add to your lifelong dreams. Are you aggravated that the joy in your life is missing? Are you annoyed that for some reason you can't identify, you aren't pursuing your dreams? Are you feeling stuck?

S.A.D. "Stress, Anxiety, & Depression"

You are concerned that you've been in this mental place of feeling stuck for too long. Tired and weary, you feel down most of the time. You feel your life is lacking something. You recognize your emotional needs are not being fulfilled. Anxious, you recognize your condition is the breeding ground for S.A.D. You also know that if it's not dealt with, it can potentially affect every area of your life.

The Answer- Alani's Tragedy to Triumphancy Techniques

You're ready to live life without bondage and tackle those problems that have been plaguing you! ALANI's techniques is what you've been waiting for. Don't let another day pass by with unfulfilled dreams, feeling stuck, or being S.A.D. Call ALANI, The Freedom Igniter, today.

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Become inspired! Become motivated! Become challenged in a caring way!

Reach out to ALANI for one-on-one life coaching sessions when you're ready to tackle unfulfilled dreams, feeling stuck or being S.A.D.

In a series of individually customized sessions, ALANI helps clients to achieve healthy emotional goals, to overcome stumbling blocks & obstacles and to make necessary changes to live a fruitful and productive life.

Contact ALANI, The Freedom Igniter today!

Building Emotional Strength

In the face of unfulfilled dreams, feeling stuck or being S.A.D and while considering Life Coaching Sessions, be mindful that the more positive and affirming our emotions, the less negative and lasting the impact hurtful situations will have. As you seek to heal from your emotional pain, not only should you maintain a positive attitude, but build emotional strength by eating well, exercising and pampering yourself!

These combinations of self-effort will not only enhance your body physically but will also help in the long run ease your mind and calm your erratic thoughts. Being more in control will assist you in having appropriate feelings about common life experiences and guide you to respond rationally. You don’t have to live in bondage to your emotional pain.

Creating and committing to an emotionally healthy lifestyle is paramount! Flex that muscle!