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Strengthening Emotions

Strong Emotions

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Emotions are not inherently good or bad; right or wrong. Instead, they are signals that send us messages; our emotions speak to us. How we relate to or respond to our emotions characterizes them as positive or negative. Ultimately, we want to experience positive emotions because research supports their multiple holistic benefits. This does not mean that negative emotions do not have a purpose. They serve as growth and development opportunities. Negative emotions are needed to build the muscle which is required to managing them effectively.

Even though they serve this growth purpose, they are still a source of great upset and emotional hurt. Consider this: At times we are discouraged and overwhelmed by crushed dreams. Other times, we are frustrated that being stuck gets in the way of pursuing our goals. And when we have been in this place too long, we become stressed, anxious, or even depressed (S.A.D.).

There is a lot of work to do to reverse or at least minimize the painful impact negative emotions can have. ALANI helps to accomplish this because if unaddressed, it will potentially affect every area of your personal and professional life in a negative way.

In the face of unfulfilled dreams, feeling stuck or being S.A.D., be mindful that the more positive and affirming our emotions, the less negative and lasting the impact hurtful situations will have. As you seek to heal from your emotional pain, not only should you maintain a positive attitude but build and maintain emotional strength by eating well 90% of the time; exercising 3-5 days each week; and pampering yourself every day – even if only for 15-minutes!

These combinations of self-care will not only enhance your body physically but will also help eventually ease your mind and calm your intense thoughts. Being more in control will assist you in having appropriate feelings about common life experiences and guide you to responding rationally versus reacting inappropriately.

You do not have to live in bondage to your emotional pain. Creating and committing to an emotionally healthy lifestyle is paramount! Flex that muscle!

Building Emotional Strength