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Open up the fulfilling glow of emotional healing.
Move from tragedy to triumphancy!

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Empowerment & Spiritual Healing After Emotional Hurt

ALANI (Advocating Liberation And Non-Oppression In Individuals), The Freedom Igniter, is the only catalyst that awakens the spirit within for those who have been affected by past emotional hurt and want to achieve healing in a world full of personal tragedies. We are here to help you achieve emotional healing from life's traumas, trials, and tribulations, such as the following:

  • Dealing with a Breakup
  • Battling an Illness
  • Being Misunderstood
  • Being Taken For Granted Or Used By Others
  • Being Betrayed By a Trusted Friend
  • Dealing with the Careless Actions Of Others
  • Suffering the Death Of a Loved One
  • Suffering from Family Sexual Abuse
  • Overcoming Addiction
  • Suffering from Physical Abuse
  • Going Through Separation Or Divorce
  • Dealing with the Thoughtlessness Of Others
  • Managing Wayward Children
  • Dealing with Loss Of Income Or a Job
  • Dealing with Rejection Or Not Being Accepted By Others
  • Going Through Any Other Traumatic Or Life-Changing Event


To free you from your emotional hurts and pain so you can live a fruitful, productive life.


To advocate liberation and non-oppression in those we serve in the following ways:

  • Empowering you to take responsibility for your healing;
  • Accessing the spirit within yourself of love, compassion, and forgiveness;
  • Releasing guilt, resentment, and anger from your life.

Empower yourself to have a fulfilling life.
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